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    A quality private preschool & kindergarten respecting and nurturing the individual child. Give your child a great start in life!

  • Our Approach


    As Inspiration Montessori continues to grow, we are mindful always of Dr. Maria Montessori’s thoroughly researched and polished methods and strive to remain true to her vision.

    Your Child

    • Your child is an individual
    • Highly trained Montessori teachers
    • Quiet, multi-aged classroom
    • Beautifully crafted wooden teaching materials
  • Our Curriculum

    Your children will achieve things you never thought possible for their age.


    Here are some of the outstanding achievements of our students:


    • Alexei: At 2.5 years old, Alexei learned to tell time in the 12hr, 24hr, analog and digital clock.
    • Kieran: At 3 years old, Kieran can thread her own needle and sew buttons and sew toys.
    • Emma: At 5 years old, Emma can read fluently and is working on her cursive writing.
    • Meaghan: At 5 years old, Meaghan can read and label all the countries on the globe, all the provinces in Canada and all the geographic names of the bodies of water.
    • Calli: At 4.5 Calli can read fluently.
    • Kaida: At 3 years old, Kaida can count in the thousands.
    • Cassandra: At 2 and a half, Cassandra can zip zippers, button her clothes, and put on her shoes.

    Between the ages of 3-6, children have an extraordinary capacity to learn from their surroundings. Dr. Montessori called this “the absorbent mind.”


    At Inspiration Montessori, we honour “the absorbent mind” by giving children the type of environment they need to flourish.

  • Our Classroom

    Multi-Age Groups

    Children between the ages of 3-6 (sometimes 2 1/2 yrs old) are in the same class and work alongside one another.


    In her wisdom, Dr. Montessori grouped children of various ages together in a classroom for the following reasons:

    • Different ages together present a more realistic version of society.
    • The sense of community is emphasized by the younger children learning from the older ones.
    • The older children learn responsibility and take pride in setting a good example. Tthey also see firsthand, how any bad behaviour is quite rapidly mimicked by the younger children – this immediate consequence often modifies their actions in a positive way.
    • Working in multi-age groups helps eliminate competition as children are exposed to various levels of maturity, talent and skill. A 3 year old may be capable of doing something a 4 year old has not accomplished, but that same 4 year old is able to do things that a 5 year old in the same class, may not yet have mastered.
    • Helping younger children encourages the older children to express their natural desire for kindness and understanding.

    The Setting

    In designing our classroom, our goal was to create a naturally bright, cozy and home-like setting.


    Our learning materials are made of solid wood and finely crafted to attract your child and ignite his/her curiosity.


    There is a lot of room for your child to move around and explore the lessons which are of interest. This freedom to move around often results in less fidgeting and restlessness as your child is not physically restricted by a desk or designated seat.


    Perhaps the most prevalent difference between conventional early educational settings and the Montessori classroom is the volume. Children in a Montessori classroom are wholeheartedly engaged and therefore very quiet.


    In fact, our children enjoy the silence and often remind each other to speak with a “quiet voice.” In every day life, quiet settings are not easy to find but one of the most valuable things we can offer your child is the chance to be peaceful.

  • Our Team

    Our Inspiration Montessori teachers create a trusting and warm environment.

    Ms. Sasha

    Managing Director, Montessori Teacher & International Speaker

    Ms. Lisa

    Montessori Teacher graduate of the St. Nicolas Montessori Program in London, England

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